Murder In The Pit


Life in an Opera House can be murder

"I was immediately pulled in to the glamorous world of the Metropolitan Opera House....everything about this world was wonderfully written by a true 'insider.' Because of (her violinist) background, as well as quick-witted writing, Ms. Miner has put together a very solid mystery with a cast of characters who were an absolute joy to read." --

"You hooked me in the first few paragraphs and few authors do that to me."
-- Brian Wamsley, Author

Murder In The Pit is published by Twilight Times Books (Twilight Times books). Look for updates at this site location.


The night of her debut in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, sheltered young violin prodigy Julia is traumatized when she witnesses the assassination of her mentor, a famous conductor, on the podium. But it is when her best friend Sidney is indicted for the murder that Julia is forced out of her protective shell and into the dark corners and hidden hallways of the Met to find the real killer. Then, she not only discovers an opera house full of secrets, intrigue and danger but also comes face to face with her own inner power.

What Critics are Saying

""Murder In The Pit is a tight mystery that kept me guessing, but it's the cast of characters and the behind-the-scenes look at opera that makes this book stand out. Even if you don't like mysteries, this book is a great place to start. I found the action compelling enough to keep me guessing, and I never once felt like the author was toying with me, which is a problem I have with many mystery writers. Perhaps it's because Miner reveals so much about opera that I don't feel as if she's keeping information from me. How she managed to do a mystery."" - Carol Wainwright , Editor

""I just finished Murder in the Pit. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the sequel. I will never watch opera again in the same way! Good work Erica."" - Terry Crowley Morgan , Music scholar

""Written with incredible detail, this spellbinding musical drama at the Metropolitan Opera House mimics the operatic masterpieces performed by some of the greatest musicians to ever grace the stage... a unique and colorful cast of characters who shed light into the eccentric life of those in the arts. This delightful story adds rich layers of culture and intrigue to a brilliantly twisted plot that's guaranteed to thrill the lovers of a great mystery."" - Poshpow , BTS eMag Reviewer

""Irresistibly plotted, with a cast of characters who keep you guessing until the end, this is a classy murder mystery with an extra dimension. Ms. Miner's background as a violinist in the Metropolitan Opera orchestra gives her readers a wonderfully observed, virtual back-stage tour of what lies behind in the curtain (and in the pit!) of the world's greatest opera house. I hope I will see this translated onto the screen before long!"" - Susan Toth , Lecture attendee

""I loved reading Murder in the Pit and imagined your story was inspired by your years of being at the MET orchestra pit!"" - Stephanie Osser , Musical artist

"'I was so swept away by the masterful writing and brilliant characters in Murder in the Pit! Brava to Ms. Miner! Not many people write about music with the knowledge and depth that she does and achieve just the right tone and level of suspense. I recommend this mystery novel to anyone who loves backstage workings and great mysteries ala Agatha Christie.'" - Beth Levin , Concert Pianist

"Murder In The Pit is an adventure of the imagination, a play within a play...[Miner] has recreated in a fascinating operatic world a tangle of plot twists whose intricacies ultimately unravel to reveal the prose of an author who is sure of her skills." - Valerio Massimo Manfredi , Best selling author

"...Ms. Miner has put together a very solid mystery with a cast of characters who were an absolute joy to read." - Amy Lignor , Reviewer,

"I'm on Chapter 31 and can tell I will be staying up all night if that's what it takes. I MUST KNOW WHO THE KILLER IS AND WHAT THE DEVIL IS GOING ON. I could kill you myself for raising my blood pressure!...This book is beyond fantastic!" - Georgia Richardson Staggers , Author, Speaker

""Murder in the Pit is enormous fun. Suspicions, clues, and personalities weave and interweave. Even seasoned mystery readers may find themselves astonished by the way Miner brings everything together in a frankly scary way." " - Kenneth Wolman , "Jaded opera attendee "

""Erica, I love a mystery and I love opera, and I enjoyed your book."" - Pauline Hager , Author

* The quote, "Mystery doesn't get ANY better than this!!!! Buy it ASAP!" is by Amy Lignor,


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An Excerpt from
"Murder In The Pit"

Still breathless from her near-disastrous encounter at the sign-in sheet near the men’s locker room, Julia headed toward the women’s locker room. On her way there, Julia passed Abel’s dressing room, where the Maestro Trudeau - Do Not Disturb sign was prominently posted on the door. She felt a little flutter of excitement and glanced at her watch.

(Fifteen minutes, and he’ll give the downbeat for my first performance.)

But Julia stopped short when she heard raised voices coming from inside the maestro's dressing room. Even with the door closed, she could clearly discern the identity of the voices and what was being said - or rather, shouted - behind the door. Positioned close to the door, Julia listened, becoming increasingly anxious as the voices escalated in volume.

“You son of a bitch, you said you’d leave her out of it!” Sidney yelled.

“For God’s sake, Sid, keep it down.” Abel lowered his voice. “This is a worst case scenario, I had no choice.”

Julia was aware of the personality conflict between her hotheaded colleague Sidney and the self-assured Music Director. The ongoing clash between these two ultra important men in her life disturbed her to such a degree that she was constantly on the lookout for some insight into why they insisted upon grating on each other’s nerves.

“Over my dead body."

Julia gasped and leaned in closer.

“And if I find out you’ve done something stupid,” Sidney continued, “I’ll -- ”

“You’ll... what?”

“I’ll write a whole new finale to your opening night!”

“The trouble with you, Sidney, is that you think you’re too damned important,” said Abel. “Let me remind you that no one is indispensable around here. Now get the hell out of my dressing room. We’ve got a show to do.”

(A whole new finale -- what does that mean?)

The booming sound of the P.A. system made Julia jump.

“Curtain for Don Carlo in fifteen minutes.”

She took a tense breath and let it out with a sigh of relief as the door opened. Sidney stormed out of the dressing room, slamming the door behind him, and ran right into her.

“Julia! How long have you been there?”

His dark tone alarmed her. “You know I get concerned when you and Abel… ” She paused. “What’s going on, Sid? Why were you going at it again?”

His rage softened a moment. “Look, kid, it’s what parents do.”

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