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"‘Death by Opera is a peek behind the curtain of a world-renown opera company, with plenty of mayhem on the bill. Rich spirituality, sumptuous history, and metaphysical frights give Erica Miner’s new novel many layers to enjoy. But it’s the music that steals the show. Amateur sleuth Julia Kogan, now summer concertmaster at Santa Fe’s famous opera company, returns (after Murder in the Pit), and finds herself smack in the middle of a veritable killing spree backstage. An engaging, clever mystery set against bloody arias and deadly recitativo.’"
James Ziskin, award-winning author

"Erica Miner is the Agatha Christie of the opera world. More than a romp for opera buffs, Death By Opera is a wickedly wonderful, fast-paced thriller: a historically informative and illuminating ‘whodunit’ interweaving ancient legends, ghost stories, and present-day jealousies into a murder mystery of taut suspense playing out at Santa Fe’s world-renowned summer opera festival."
Richard Stilwell, Metropolitan Opera baritone


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